Veronica pectinata

Wednesday when I left the house, frost remained on the ground and plants. One plant remained green and apparently unaffected by the cold even with frost coating its leaves. This attractive 2″ tall ground cover is Veronica pectinata, or Blue Woolly Speedwell, a native of the East Balkans in Turkey. I bought it from High Country Gardens three years ago in my search for xeric plants for my garden. My ultimate goal is to have the major portion of my garden water self-sufficient, and this veronica has become a huge asset. In spring it is covered with small blue flowers, and look at how long it retains its beautiful green color! I bought three plants as a trial to see how well they survived under 30″ or more of snow each winter, and planted them in a sunny location. Needless to say in my sand pile, they receive the well-drained soil they prefer. All three are hale and healthy and each has spread very well in its allotted place. Another big plus: deer and rabbits won’t eat them.