Perhaps spring is here. The crocus are blooming! Finally! Actually, they began blooming last week, but now they’re all out–yellows, purples, and white; and the earliest yellow daffodil should bloom today. This part of Northern Michigan may even have temperatures into the 70’s by the end of the week. Pessimist that I am, I feel like there must be a weather shoe about to drop on from somewhere, bringing a foot of snow or ice, or some historically unnaturally low temperature. Hope not.
I love the yellow crocus (C. ‘Yellow Mammoth’) in the soft green of the groundcover Veronica pictinata. The veronica was green as the snow and ice melted off it. Is that not wonderful? It also blooms with tiny blue flowers later in the spring. The other crocus photos show leaves of other plants beginning to emerge from the brown of soil and last fall’s leaves. It makes me want to garden, but digging in the soil right now is dangerous. Who knows what valuable plant I might dig up? This year I’m going to make an even better plant map so I know what’s planted where! And this fall I’m going to buy more crocus.