I thought I’d have all kinds of posts on gardening this summer, but look! Very few! Why? Because I’m out in the garden.

The new vegetable garden has good and bad outcomes. Good bean crops, 14 jars of beans canned and another bushel basket to do. Froze some beets today. Pickled some yellow neck squash today. This is the first time summer squash has done well for me.

Sqash vine walks across path.

No carrots, basil, spinach and little lettuce came up in three tries! Every time I planted we had horrible thunder storms. The nights have been too cold for peppers to set fruit and the tomatoes are slow. Planted new rhubarb variety; transplanted old variety; green house under construction (right where I’d planted my new grapes which are now in temporary barrels); many, many perennials have outgrown their sites and need dividing or moving. Who has time to post? (Well, and have a life, too.)