It has been a weird spring, and here in a few days summer starts. First, none of my daffodils bloomed until the middle of May, and most had finished blooming by the end of the month, but the late bloomers were hit by the frosty nights (that killed the vegetable seedlings I’d set out on the ‘safe date’ of May 31) of the first week of June killing the their blooms. My iris and poppies bloomed at the same time and are almost finished. With all the unpredictable blooming cycles, the gardens still look pretty good.

The original plan was to only have flower gardens up near the house and let the other remain wild like the rest of the acreage. Garden creep has taken place. The flower gardens now extend down and around the circular driveway. I’m into the third year of a vegetable garden, which just had twenty feet added around three sides of the existing plot. Now I’m starting around to the back of the house. Garden creep.

Strangest endeavor of the year, ‘planting’ the sailboat—yes, I have a sailboat sailing my ancient orchard.
da boat
The photo shows the site just after ‘planting’ the boat. Why plant a boat? There is a hole in the bottom; because the lines were just too beautiful to take to a landfill (and expensive even after cutting all that fiberglass apart), and because I have a three-year old grandson who will love playing pirate on grandma’s playground, and that will draw him here for maybe six or seven more years. Perhaps we’ll put up a smaller mast and have a small sail and flags, including a pirate’s, flying later. About 500 white daffodils will give it the image of sailing in the spring, and tall wild prairie grass will provide waves during the summer. Later, maybe it will become a koi pond, or (lord help me) another garden. Or, we could fix the inside up for a guest apartment? We have all the equipment, and after a house, how difficult can a boat be? My granddaughter is already planning sleepovers, but she better give me a year or two for that.