Okay. So I’m late getting my vegetable garden in. The salad crops were planted in containers on the back deck. That worked well, but ended with me giving them more attention. For the big garden, spring was late, and the weather turned bad, and then I decided I wanted raised beds. We got the first bed in and planted tomatoes and peppers plus the Amaryllis bulb that I want to keep. Hopefully it will grow well enough to bloom again this fall.

Every year I will fill them a little more with good soil, but this year their on the same level of ground. Each box will receive more fertilizer and attention, so I think they will grow more crops.

Parsley and Camomile have grown like weeks throughout the space. I hate pulling them out since they are useful. The asparagus planted last fall is very slow coming up, and in the skinniest, shortest little stalks I’ve ever seen.

After installing all but three planned boxes, the garden was enlarged to 40 x 60 feet. All I can envision is more weeding. As the raised were bed put in, I planted one with beans, one with root crops. Smaller ones are for herbs. Finally most of the seeds I bought were planted.

I had four annual flower packs to plant; had them in my hand yesterday. Whatever the heck happened to them after that is anyone’s guess because I can’t find them, and I know I didn’t plant them. Makes me madder than the mad hatter.

The extra, enlarged space is for raspberries, but the place I wanted to purchase them is all out of plants, so we’ll put in pumpkins. It’s late, but maybe they’ll ripen.

Later, looking for my flower seeds, I went to my seed box, and there were four new packets of herb seeds that I missed planting, not the annual flower seeds. Where the heck did I put them? And where am I going to plant these herbs?