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Roger at the library sent me a photo of my wall hanging design today, so I’m posting that, too.

The design uses dried gourds, artemisia, lavender, dried seed heads and feathers attached to a round basket tray. The nice thing about anything dried is that is will last all winter long; however, I usually take them down when I put up Christmas decorations. In January and February I much prefer to see blooming plants like Cliva, Christmas cactus and Amaryllis.


Gourd Wall Hanging

Due to a new job teaching writing at a community college, I missed my September design and forgot to take a photo of my October design, but I took the November design yesterday.

As far as design style, I’d have to say this falls into what NGC would call a designers choice. It is an all dried arrangement in a hand made bucket although you cannot see the handle.

I used the seed pods I found yesterday, but looking at the design, I probably shouldn’t have used them. They confuse the upper line and destroy what little rhythm is there. Also those feathers are probably too dark and heavy, also affecting the overall quality. Why don’t I see this while I’m making the design? Drat! Oh, well, it’s always a learning experience and I’ll try again next month!


Dried Arrangement

Well, it was supposed to be a traditional mass design. I got the lots of flowers part right, and I think the colors work, but the form of the design and the placement of the flowers is off. See how the orange lily at the top throws off the balance? And the two Liatris next to it destroy the symmetry. The point of interest is too high, and the yellow roses seem static rather than helping to create rhythm. I’ll have to work on this style.

Traditional Mass Design (attempt!)

Traditional Mass Design (attempt!)

I’ve belonged to three wonderful design groups, Garden Guild in St. Louis, Missouri, West Michigan Flower Arrangers Guild in Jenison, Michigan and a group that met in Traverse City, MI. Designs groups are great because they keep your hand in the game of making designs. These are not your local florist type designs, but competitive and display designs following specific rules as laid out in the National Garden Clubs, Inc.’s Handbook for Flower Show Judges.
Today, most of my former clubs are a bit far for me to travel.
So I decided to form my own Group, My Design Group. For this, I asked the local library if I could place my designs there, and Barb S. said she would be glad to have them.

So at the first meeting of My Design Group on July 3, I placed my design and left it in place over the July 4th weekend. Here is my try at a line-mass design, titled 4th Fireworks.

4th Fireworks line-mass design

4th Fireworks line-mass design

Would I award it a blue? I don’t think so. There are a couple major flaws, too open in the middle, needed another mum at container’s edge in front, but it is close. That’s why I have to keep practicing.



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