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This is the final group of letters in my calligraphy envelope exchange for 2013.

2013 year of letters

2013 year of letters

This year I combined a bit of calligraphy with a doodle colored with pencils to make my ‘Hearts’ cards.
hearts 13

One of the things I enjoy doing is calligraphy, so I joined the Yahoo group ‘Calligraphy Exchange’ and participate in envelope exchanges. This helps keep me in practice. Receiving the envelopes is a treat, also. Between two to five members exchange envelopes they have designed and lettered.

Last year I took part in a year of letters with A, of course, assigned to January. During the year I forgot to get copies of H, I, and L. This exchange continues through 2013 and I have already sent out M and N. Each letter is sent on a 4″ square of paper inserted in a decorated and hand letter envelope. Looking back I can see E and J were both the same Italic style. Oops!

Even my local post office employees are enjoying the exchanges I participate in. Some of the envelopes have been absolutely spectacular.



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